Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in NZ.[i] 

Tobacco is the only legal product that kills 1 in 2 of its long term users when used as it is intended.[ii]

5000 New Zealanders die every year from smoking related diseases.[iii]

Smoking is a major contributing factor to health inequalities between Maori and non-Maori.[iv] 

Almost all smokers regret starting and want to quit.[v]

The average age people start smoking in New Zealand is at 14.6 years old.[vi]

Approximately 5000 children start smoking every year.

Most 15-19 year old smokers say they would not smoke if they had their lives over (72.3%).[vii]

Most youth smokers purchase cigarettes themselves (74.2%).[viii]


Tobacco retail Facts

Tobacco can be purchased from about 6000 retailers around New Zealand. [ix]

Communities that have more places selling tobacco have higher smoking rates. [ix]

Poorer communities have more places selling tobacco than wealthier communities. [ix]

Tobacco is more available than bread & milk, stamps and medication. [ix]

On average, there are six shops that sell cigarettes within 10 minutes' walk of secondary schools in NZ. [ix]

Cigarettes can be sold at any place, any time, by any one in New Zealand. [ix]

70% of New Zealanders want less places selling tobacco in their communities and said that this would make a difference to smoking rates. [x]



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