These resources have all been used successfully with communities in New Zealand to engage them in expressing their voice about Smokefree and retail availability.

The community awareness activity can be used with any group or at public events to raise awareness. Taking people through the questions is highly illuminating for many.

The community message mural can also be used by groups or at events. Both children and adults enjoy tracing around their hands and writing their name and suburb on their hand, to add their ‘stamp’ to the tobacco retail availability message.

The retail postcard is a great way for community members to write their own personal message about tobacco retail availability to local or central government decision makers.

Community message mural

Community message mural

Community awareness activity

Community mural

Retail Postcard

Note on community awareness activity:

This activity is interactive.  The posters require flaps attached to the lower third section of each poster as seen in the image below. Flaps can be downloaded here. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this.